March 6, 2013

Braids & Beanies

Letting my sis in law Christine throw some makeup on this here face and building some ports while we're at it!

Birthday/Valentine's Day OOTD

Embraced me some red and pink for my favorite month of love! SoooO ready for some spring colors/fashion. I've been mega slacking on blog posts as I am a horrible "writer" & instagram is more than satisfactory for sharing my photos. Any people who stumble upon this here bloggy you are welcome to follow me @heidis_aheadcase.

January 14, 2013

Heavy Pedal Posin'

This weekend was a lot of fun. Chad and I were asked to take some photos for Heavy Pedal - A clothing company hailing out of Arizona. I actually went to art school with the two guys Terrence and Victor who are behind the whole brand. This was a little snap I had Chad take outside, in between shots. Our mugs will soon be in their lookbook/web store here at http://www.theheavypedal.com. Excited to see those! I loved all the textured pastel walls outside of Bikini Lounge and the mixture of me and the bikes lookin like a "badass". ;) I know absolutely nothin' bout bikes or cycling culture but was happy to lend my face to their rad company.

January 1, 2013

Lord knows I'm ready for a New Year

So happy and blessed to be with a person who is undoubtedly the sunshine to my rainy days, and have a family who full heartedly loves and supports me. I have made so many awesome genuine friends in 2012 and really hope we can make more time to go on some adventures & just have some good ole fun. I haven't made any New Years resolutions just yet, but last years what silly enough "not putting pounds of Salt on everything I consume". I can honestly say I cut back significantly through out 2012 :-)

Cheers to 2013!!! Let's this be a good one.

December 27, 2012

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Was so happy to be able to be surrounded by my gorgeous lovely family this Christmas. It came and went way too fast but will certainly be one I'll never forget. xox

November 9, 2012

Party Animals

Look at my cutie girl Veda in her Weezer sweater. Harley just happened to walk in on her photoshoot but they truly are buds at times!

I'm in bed editing some random photos I've been neglecting on a Friday night.
I'm such a party "animal" and I'm quite okay with it =^__^=

November 3, 2012

Cotton Fields Forever

Our "Faux" engagement session. haha. I have recently taken on designing pre-made "Save The Date" invites for future brides & grooms on Etsy. I was in dire need of some stock photography for some of my layouts and figured I'd step up and use some shots of ourselves!

I've been wanting to shoot at this cotton field since forever and finally made a point to!
I swore places like this didn't exist in Arizona but with extensive research and driving around it pays off finding cool spots!

I am working on setting up a shop for these fancy little invites but until then here are two examples I have ready to put up in there.

I will be sure to include my shop link when that time comes!

I am also looking for couples to shoot in the Phoenix,Tempe,Mesa Area. The Holidays are coming up!!! Think about Christmas cards etc. Also, you don't have to be engaged and my prices are super reasonable! Kid shoots available too! Go to http://terriblyinlovephoto.wordpress.com/ and fill out the contact form for all interested.

October 30, 2012

Prince & His Little Unicorn

Well here we are in costume! Chad didn't think he would do Prince any justice, but man was he a huge hit. We spent 2 dollars on his black temporary hair color spray and got the rest of his costume believe it or not out of my closet! Funny thing is that I have never worn the leather pants, and they fit him so wonderfully ::giggle::

 I made my little gold corn/horn and ears out of clay, the leg and arm warmers out of material from SaS, the wig from Ebay, the gold arm wrist bands (hooves) our of thick glitter craft paper from Michael's, & the dress I wore New Years from Forever 21. 

Good thing the party we attended was just as fun as our costumes.

Ombre & Pastel Pumpkins

 I forgot to mention glitter! Our annual pumpkin carving did not go as well as hoped ( hence no pictures of the horrid pumpkins ::hah:: I love this little corner of the living room as it feels festive, clean & modern.

The little glitter owl was a souvenir I got last October in Redondo Beach California on our trip to Knott's Scary Farm. Also, the Branch is something we have in our bedroom all year long that we picked up in Payson a while back. The black roses we picked up at the dollar store and the silver crackled bottle vase is from Ross!

Anyways Happy Decorating. Bring on the Holidays!

October 22, 2012

Etsy in October

Just a few new pieces in my shop !
Also notice the bang makeover?! It took me a minute but now I love them more and more everyday. Feelin' like a new woman!