June 22, 2012


Hey there!
So sorry for any bloggers who have been uber confused with what is going on with this blog. I just deleted all of my posts and dedicated this evening to this little spot of mine on the web.
I have recently decided to go another direction with this blog and really wanted to design everything from scratch.
I am really happy with it thus far!
Now I just need to get some subscribers asap.

So this is me positing some shots of my new pups from the other day, and all of their crazZy cuteness. The one on the left is Leia ("Princess") and the right one is nameless a.t.m. Me and my beau thought it'd be best for the new owner to name her, just so she's not super confused later.

They are 3 weeks old and 3 lbs each and they have been such a joy to wake up to and cuddle with. Their teeth are barely poking through the gums today and they are chomping on our fingers non-stop. They are also starting to get little personalities and are picking fights with each other and mama Annabelle. I just love their little squeaks,sharp growls, and of course puppy breath. My I-phone already has ridiculous amounts of photos and videos on it,I just can't get enough obviously!

Anyways, I am not much of a writer. Words scare me. I guess more the act of forming interesting sentences and not sounding incredibly immature. I also see myself struggling to know where to put commas and all those cool punctuation marks. So fair warning to all who dare to peruse my site.

This post is a bit scatter brained! I predict all the rest will be as well. hehe.
Check back!

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