July 18, 2012

Rooftop & Roses

My rollerskates & knee highs are two of my favorite things!
Sometimes I miss my black hair. Even in this brutal Phoenix weather.
Happy Accidents with self-photos. I call this one nightmares.

                        One of my favorite shoots I've done, photographed by Lauren Farrington.

Shots by Lauren Farrington (Back in March)

Can't wait to be able to go back outside again. AZ heat is KILLER this summer. ::sadface::

I spotted this green fence weeks ago and HAD to take pics in front of it. I feel like Arizona lacks great photo spots so when I spy anything brightly colored or remotely interesting I jot it down in my notes on my phone, so I can refer back to it!

Cyclops Bunny

I miss my faux wood floors. Looking on my hard drive today pulling out some "old" photos & thought I'd share. Poor Bunny...