September 4, 2012

As Of Lately

This is my attempt at making up for my lack of posting. I guess it doesn't help that I don't have more than a few followers to keep me updating, but I have to keep in mind people will hopefully stumble across my page like I do theirs!

{From left to right & top to bottom}

1. Showing off my lavender and nude nails
2. My morning Sew session 
3. My ridiculous collection of fox tails
4. Aztec mugs listed on my Etsy that actually sold today!
5. Nava kitty sittin pwitty
6. Thrift finds
7. An older Etsy listing of some perdy adorable satin shoes
8. Bob Marley Bag & Fedora kind of day
9. Up-cycled vest with some awesome Native American material I've been hoarding
10. Harley cat on my mustard crushed velvet chair
11. Me sunbathing 
12. Flower vintage bracelet from my grandma and turquoise ring from my great gma
13. Our newest pup Veda snuggling in my luggage trying to be a stow away
14. My artwork printed on some stickers
15. Ninja turtle feet ( not seen in public )
16. Embracing my inner Arizonian
17. Boots in the park
18. My downstairs window curtains
19. Snack time while I paint
20. Hotel poolside Margarita with the girls
21. Purple top and heart 'kini bottoms
22. Made some ice cream cupcakes with my silicone cones from Ross
23. Flower crown DIY project
24. Nava smelling the baby cactus
25. My smoothie lookin cute as heck
26. Smooching Leia as she was about to leave with her new family
27. From my sailor-esque shoot with my beau 

Hope this post wasn't too hard to follow! I hope to do more like this with my massive amounts of Instagram photos in the future.