September 8, 2012

Mustard & Denim

Mustard Cardigan - Old Navy
Cream Lace Tank - Thrifted
Denim Front Snap Skirt- Forever 21
Navy Blue Skinny Belt - Thrifted
Camel Wedges - Forever 21
Dooney & Bourke Bag - Thrifted $5!


I Love My Nieces To Pieces

They are getting so unbelievably big and more beautiful every time I see them. They are my little sunshines and my heart just melts when they say I'm their favorite "bestest" auntie.

Too bad my flash broke a few weeks ago ::sadface::, because as per normal the girls were running all over the place I could hardly find them let alone get a nice un-blurry photo. Also, how cute are the purple and pink haired Mermaid babies I found for them?! When I was a little one I would always get anything and everything in purple and my sister Holly would get everything in pink, just carrying on the tradition! & lastly I just love how enthused my Chadwick looks in his cutesy crown! baha.

Anyways, my belly is still full of cheese pizza and I was happy to see my family.

Blue Dress Daze

I noticed it's been about 2 months since I've worn an actual pair of jeans. & that's quite all right with me!! To be honest I am more of a second-hand diva and I get a huge thrill out of finding super cute clothes for crazy cheap prices. That usually means I have to wait til everyone is done wearing their $800 dollar jeans, donates em...and then I come along and scoop em up. teehee. The dress was $6.50 From Heritage and the shoes are Bongo ($10.00). Nothing feels more girly than some lace and some good ole mary janes.

Happy Weekend.