My name is Heidi Marie but you can
I am a cactus hugging Arizonian.
I am a complete goober, lighthearted & 
 addicted to immortalizing every waking moment of my life in picture form.

I have my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I absolutely enjoy long nights sipping gallons of Green Tea tinkering in photoshop with Wacom tablet in hand. I am an avid all things vintage collector (mostly "hip grandma" clothes) /second hand enthusiast. I model for myself and other local clothing designers, & also recently have become infatuated with upcycling old furniture, and of course as well as dressing up my two dogs Annabelle & Malcolm.

Relationship? Why yes. I am happily taken by my high school sweetheart Chad Crawford as we have been dating for a whopping 8yrs now. Marriage and baby carriages will come soon enough!  Stay tuned.
I am brand new to the blogging world & just so glad to be able to share my life & creative experiences to all who are interested!
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